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7 Reasons Online Dental Marketing is The Way To Grow

Happy DentistI don’t think online marketing is needed for my dental practice. That’s a common response I get when offering my online marketing services to a dental or medical practice. The reasoning behind the above statement is that the practice already has a website but it does not generate any new patient appointments.

Yes! If you haven’t done any online marketing then most likely your practice’s new patient appointments are either referrals, walk-ins or from other means of traditional advertising. Having a website will not get you more patients from online. Specially if no one can find it. In fact a mismanaged website could harm your practice.

However, a well planned online dental marketing campaign will increase your new patient appointments by 30% if not more and here is why:

1. Online is Where Everyone Starts:
Internet Search
Today when people need something, they go online to find it.  They use search engines, social networks, and ask their online friends.  When dental patients want to find a local dentist they go online also. They search for information about the practices, doctors, reviews, products and services. Putting your practice in front of these patients with a well designed website, online marketing campaign, social media, local listings, and positive online reviews will make them choose you over the competition.

Think about it: when was the last time you went looking for a newspaper or a mailed postcard to find what you are looking for? Internet has become the source of choice.

2. Immediate Results:
 With traditional dental marketing venues it takes months for the practice to realize any results.  For example: When launching a postcard campaign, postcards should be mailed 3 times to the same list for the campaign to be effective!  On the other hand once an online dental marketing campaign is launched, results will start in few hours. Whether you have an appointment request form on the website, or a phone number to call, your practice will start realizing the effects of the online campaign right away.

3. Start, Stop, Increase, Decrease, Change at anytime:
Full ControlOnline marketing puts you in full control.  Unlike traditional postcard mailers or newspaper ads, with online marketing there is no long term commitment or prepaid budget.  Traditional advertising venues, such as newspapers or postcards,  require a monthly budget commitment that could be over $7000/month even before you know if the campaign will work or not.  With an online dental marketing campaign you can set your daily advertising budget to meet your practice needs, you can increase it or decrease it depending on the response you desire.  Going on vacation? You can stop or pause your campaign until you return.  Have a new offer or addition to your practice?  You can change your advertising to reflect that immediately.  Online marketing provides the flexibility and control any advertiser needs.

4. Online Marketing is Measurable and Predictable:
With online marketing you get full visibility.  Prior to deciding on your dental marketing strategy Measuringyou can get full analysis of your market, competition, potential size, estimated cost, and even predicted outcome.  During the marketing campaign there are plenty of reporting, and measuring tools to give you full performance stats almost by the hour.  I provide my dental clients with a call tracking solution that gives them first hand insight on which marketing source is generating the most appointments, what their patients looking for, and how to increase conversion.  In addition my clients receive weekly reports that summarize the performance of the marketing campaign and suggested improvements.

5. High ROI:
ROIA well targeted online marketing campaign is guaranteed to increase your advertising return on investment. The campaign budget is spent to present your practice in front of people who are actively looking for the type of care you provide.  Every dollar spent will be towards a new potential patient. Compared with mass mailers and other traditional non-targeted marketing campaigns your ROI will increase by more than 40%.  Having full control over the campaign budget, ads, website, scheduling  and complete visibility and tracking of the campaign performance will help cut any wasted cost down and increase your campaign’s ROI.

6. Your Competition are Marketing Online:
competitionYes! Your competition are online.  You want proof? Pretend  you are a dental patient and try to find a dentist online in your area.  I will be happy to discuss what you find out with you and how you can beat your competition.

7. You Will Never Know Until You Try:
Once you realize the amazing results of a well setup online dental marketing campaign you are hooked.


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