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Is Your Website Ready for Google’s Penguin 2.0? It is on the Way!

Last week Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Penguin 2.0 is a couple of weeks away.  Therefore, if at any point you have used some black hat SEO tactics it’s time to revise.

The main guidelines to follow:

  • Avoid link farms paid and organics.
  • Remove keyword loading tiles
  • Stop buying links
  • work on high quality inbound links organically
  • Avoid any link schemes that are designed only to rank your website higher with no benefit to visitors.
  • Concentrate on conducting link analysis that benefits your ranking
  • Ensure that your site is not spammy or hacked by spammers
  • Post quality accurate content on your website that is beneficial.
  • Use Google webmaster tools for communication with Google about issues.

Happy SEOing!


7 Reasons Online Dental Marketing is The Way To Grow

Happy DentistI don’t think online marketing is needed for my dental practice. That’s a common response I get when offering my online marketing services to a dental or medical practice. The reasoning behind the above statement is that the practice already has a website but it does not generate any new patient appointments.

Yes! If you haven’t done any online marketing then most likely your practice’s new patient appointments are either referrals, walk-ins or from other means of traditional advertising. Having a website will not get you more patients from online. Specially if no one can find it. In fact a mismanaged website could harm your practice.

However, a well planned online dental marketing campaign will increase your new patient appointments by 30% if not more and here is why:

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