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What is Killing Conversions on Your Ecommerce Site? [Infographic]



How to Add a Shopping Cart to Your WordPress Blog

So you have a WordPress blog with good following? Or you have an idea for a product or service and not sure how you can monetize your site? This video is will show you how you can ad a simple shopping cart to your WordPress blog using the free Woocommerce plugin.

Woocommerce will allow you list your own products, or external (Affiliate) products on your website. It will also add full shopping cart capabilities to your blog so your site visitors can select the products or services, and pay for them. You will be able to easily track and complete orders from the admin dashboard.


A Simple Payments Solution from Balanced

As many payment solutions, to the likes of Square and Paypal, continue to emerge there is still  room for more solutions to simplified payment implementation and management. One of the new solutions that I found to be simple and easy is Balanced.  With Balanced payment solutions merchants can charge customers, pay out to vendor’s bank accounts, and escrow funds from one simple API.

For a small business to sell goods and services online they must have a way to collect payments. Setting up payment processing involves obtaining a merchant account, a payment processing gateway, and integrating that with the website or CRM system.  Balanced saves the business owner all the trouble be combining all this in one simple service.